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Bloodhound Puppies

If you are interested in one of our registered bloodhounds or our unregistered bloodhounds.  Just fill out a contact us form and put Bloodhound in the comment section, and we will get back to you to place you with a puppy.

      It looks like we have 3 bloodhound liters.  Cooper has been busy.  Daisy and Iris are AKC registered and their puppies will be $700 and Lady is unregistered and hers will be $500.

July 23, 2023

Daisy and Cooper are 1st time parents. 

They have 8 puppies

3 girls and 5 boys






This is their family on their birthday 

          At  8 weeks, we still have                some of these available. 

Boy #2

DSCF0987 (2).JPG

Boy #3


July 29, 2023
Lady and Cooper became parents and what a family.  They had 16 puppies, but 3 were stillborn.  This was a record for deYampert Hounds.  They have 11 boys and 2 girls.   

DSCF0785 (2).JPG

On our birthday

At 7 weeks, we have some still available.  They are below.

Boy #2

Boy #4


 Boy #5


Boy #6

b6 (2)_edited.jpg

Boy #9

b9 (2)_edited.jpg

Boy #10

b10 (2)_edited.jpg

Boy # 11

b11 (3)_edited.jpg

Girl #2

g1 (2)_edited.jpg

On August 2nd, Iris and Cooper

are parents of 5 boys and 2 girls

Iris is a 1st time mom, and it is  Cooper's 3rd in less than 2 weeks.

here they are on they
are on their birthday

On 9-19-23, at 7 weeks,              we have 2 left. 

Boy #4


Boy #5

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