We get to know the personalities of the puppies as they get around 4 weeks we can tell you whether they are leaders or followers, completely lazy or a little active, etc. This way we can get you the perfect match for your family, so that you will have a forever new member to your family. Basset Hounds form a strong bond with their families, and it breaks their hearts to be separated.​

Our AKC registered basset hounds are $500. We do this because we love Basset Hounds, not as a job. We think everyone needs a basset. They are super with children including those with special needs which is how we started with them.  Our basset hounds come to you with full registration. 

          There is a $25 

        nonr​efundable fee     

              to be put 

      on the waiting list.   

May 20th, 2020

Lael and Leroy

Lael below left:   with 9 days until delivery and 

Leroy below right:  being an excited father to be 

 and what a family they created

They have 5 boys and 5 girls! 

 A colorful litter with the group weighing in at 7 pounds!

Here we are at 6 weeks on July 1st, 2020.

These all have their forever homes.


MORE LITTERS COMING SOON! The boys are with the girls, so we are just waiting for nature to take its course and bless us with more babies. More updates as they become available!

To get on the waiting list: You need to fill out a Contact Us form - and let me know what you are looking for like: boy/girl, date, color, etc. Then at the bottom of the same page after you send the contact us form - submit thru PayPal acct or credit card a $25 nonrefundable fee. I will contact you and get you on the waiting list. I will also contact you when I get up to your family, and I have what you would like. You can always reach us at (770)830-7231 with any questions.